Taehwa Precision Ind.

CEO Greeting

"By innovating continuously, we will become the best company that brings satisfaction to our customers and personnel."

Since its establishment in 1987, Taehwa Precision Ind. Co., Ltd. has been a manufacturer of automobile parts, hose fittings for heavy construction equipment, and general machine components upon its long-running technological abilities and quality management system. In order to achieve our vision, "the best company that brings satisfaction to our customers and personnel" all the executives and staff are participating in the innovative activities.

Expanding the business area from cold forging to processing and assembly, we are not only leading the domestic market of parts manufacturing, but also entering into multiple overseas markets in the USA, China, India, and more.

Skilled staff, continued research & development, state-of-the-art equipment, and smart factory system that prepares for the age of the 4th industry: Those are our differentiated capabilities.

We promise to continuously make a challenge to achieve our vision.

CEO  of Taehwa Precision Ind. Co., Ltd.